Monday, January 30, 2012

Dynamics CRM 2011 Grid Editor

We have recently upgraded the Sentri CRM Grid Editor to work with CRM 2011. Now you can peruse and update your CRM records using an Excel-like interface. If you know how to use Excel you know how to use the CRM Grid Editor!

This release will work for all modes of CRM deployment including:

  • On Premise
  • Internet Facing Deployment (IFD)
  • Live

In addition, the CRM Grid Editor comes in 2 flavors (UPDATE the Grid Editor full version is now freely available):

  1. Limited Edition - This version is fully functional but can only be used against system entities (i.e. custom entities will not load) and is limited to system views. 
  2. Full Edition - This version does everything the Limited Edition version does but can also be configured to work against custom entities and system views

The Limited Edition license will not expire so if this very functional version meets your needs you can download and use to your hearts content. Alternatively if you're looking to "try before you buy" feel free to download the Limited Edition and when you're ready, request a license and upgrade to the full version.

Setup is very quick involving the following steps:
  • Download the product and use the wizard setup to deploy it to your CRM installation
  • Configure which entities you wish to be available in the Grid Editor
  • Run the Grid Editor client 

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