Friday, November 21, 2014

Contact Address 2 Outlook Sync

While researching the previous issue regarding Outlook Contact address sync issues I came across something interesting. That is, a pleasant, unexpected surprise...

Until now, the fields that sync between the CRM and their Outlook counterparts have been locked down. Well... that is still the case and looks like it will be the case for the foreseeable future.

However one of the common issues encountered with the above limitation is that only the primary contact address syncs to the CRM contact record (i.e. address1 to the Outlook business/mailing address). So if you wanted to sync the home address (typically address2) you were fresh out of luck... or you had to think of creative ways of maintaining such information to the description field so that it would appear there (something which I've configured for a client or two).

With CRM 2015, it appears Microsoft have finally seen the light and it appears that Address 2 fields will now sync to the Outlook home address. Of course, knowing this you may also want to consider any impact for existing organizations when they perform the 2015 upgrade.

Below is the link showing the CRM/Outlook sync mapping for CRM 2015. I have only given it the briefest of reviews so perhaps there may be other surprise within. If so, do let me know.

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