Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Run Report button missing on Forms

We noticed that certain forms in a CRM 2013 upgraded installation were missing the embedded "Run Report" option in the command bar. It appears in some forms but not in others... with no apparent rhyme or reason. For example, below is a screenshot of the upgraded opportunity form:

Anyone see the Run Report option? Neither do I... and the reason cannot be attributed to there not being any context sensitive reports for opportunities. There indeed are!

Yet... it does appear in the command menu for the grid view. Go figure.

I found this post which pointed me in the direction of the resolution. It references two options for resolution. One by directly modifying the export XML for the entity. And the second by using the Ribbon Workbench tool.

The first solution is the way to go. Quicker and easier and does the job. That is, you just need to add the following command definition to the RibbonDiffXml of the entity.

<CommandDefinition Id="Mscrm.ReportMenu.Form">
      <EnableRule Id="Mscrm.FormStateNotNew" />
      <DisplayRule Id="Mscrm.ReadReport" />
    <Actions />

After importing and publishing, the reports have returned to their rightful place (ok I know the report icon is still missing but that is a battle for another day).