Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where did my Outlook reminders go?

If like me you've suddenly noticed that Outlook reminders for tasks, appointments etc. are no longer appearing (hopefully not as a result of having missed an important meeting or such like), then you may want to read on.
This issue occurs for Outlook 2010 and it appears to have not been fixed in the Outlook Rollups. But you may want to install the latest rollup (UR5 as of this writing) before going any further.

The cause of the issue is highlighted in KB article 2584053.

You can download the hotfix from here. It goes without saying that you should select the correct version (if using IE it should auto detect that for you), and then follow the instructions to have the fix emailed to you.

After installing, create a test reminder that is in the past to ensure that it comes up as soon as you have entered it to ensure that this has indeed fixed your issue.

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