Friday, December 27, 2013

CRM Manipulation Library Date Calculation Issue

Speaking of the CRM Manipulation Library solution, I encountered an issue with the date calculation logic. Specifically with regards to the somewhat misleadingly named "Add Days" function. Misleading in that if you look at the function, you will notice that in addition to the capability of adding days, you can also use this to add years, months, weeks, hours and minutes to a given date.

This is an important clarification as adding a month to date is not always going to be the same as adding 30 days to a date. Similarly for years (as in the case of a leap year). And obviously being able to specify the more granular hour and minute parameters is also helpful. We probably could have worked around not having the week parameter but it does make life a little easier by not having to perform additional calculations.

Anyway, the issue that I encountered is that ironically if you do not specify a non-zero "Days To Add" value and just supply one of the other parameters, the calculation will not work. That is, if we were to specify parameters in the screenshot above (where we're trying to add years to the date) it would not work.

Luckily there is a simple workaround solution. Below is the same function call except we trick it by subtracting a day value and then cancel it out by passing in the equivalent days in the week parameter.

If you needed to use the week parameter, then you could similarly pass in 24 hours and cancel it out by passing -1 to the day parameter.

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