Monday, December 23, 2013

CRM 2013 Option Set Length

There are a few, let's say, particularities of the CRM 2013 UI experience. Some of them take getting a little getting used to such as the new way of navigating the system whereas others seem likely to be early release features that are destined to be "tweaked" in early product rollup releases... at least one would hope so!

A good example of this is the length of the drop down for option sets. Take for example, the following form:

As can be seen the drop down for the title is only showing two options at a time. Considering that there are at least 20 values in this option set, this experience is not likely to go down well with end users... and nor should it.

The way to get round this design issue is to add some spacers into the form as follows:

And after publishing, the form renders in a little bit more of a presentable fashion:

The downside is that when the option set is not in its drop down state there's a lot of unnecessary white space on the form.

So we have a workaround to this behavior but I find it to difficult to understand why it was designed in this way (maybe someone can enlighten me?). The way it worked in all previous versions seems much better and hopefully this will be rectified shortly (at which point we'll likely have to go through all those forms and remove the spacers which were added as a workaround - so hopefully sooner rather than later).

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