Thursday, March 15, 2012

Web Resource Utility for Bulk Upload

In the old days of 4.0, it was quite a simple matter to add custom icons to custom entities by simply uploading the files in the entity customization area thereby sprucing up your CRM installation by having more different icons for different entities rather than the default drab-looking widget icon.

This is of course still possible in CRM 2011 but now the icons need to be added as web resource which - although an overall better design - it tends to add quite a few more steps to this simple requirement.

Luckily Microsoft has provided the Web Resource Utility as one of the tools that forms part of the CRM SDK which can be compiled and use to bulk import web resources.

If you prefer to avoid the compilation step you can download a compiled version from here.

You can then use this utility to bulk upload web resources into your CRM installation and then just reference them as necessary.

You can of course use this utility to upload any type of web resource although images are probably going to be the most likely.

See the following post for a review of how to connect to a CRM Live instance using this tool.

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