Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CRM 2011 and SharePoint Online integration

Until fairly recently (around the end of November) the ability to integrate CRM 2011 to SharePoint 2010 was limited to the on premise version of SharePoint. Which precluded SharePoint Online (as part of Office 365). Now this limitation has been overcome - you can see Microsoft's announcement here.

Configuring the SharePoint Online integration is actually a simpler affair than it is with the SharePoint On Premise version as much of the prep work is already incorporated to allow the solution to be uploaded (HTC extension scripts, permissive File Handling settings etc.). Essentially you can skip the section on "Add .htc extension to the list of the allowed file types" in the installation instructions (for configuration of the SharePoint Online version).

The only gotcha I experienced was in being able to make the "Upload Solution" appear. After navigating to Site Settings | Solutions, the resulting form told me to click "Upload" but I could not actually see an upload option anywhere.

This problem is solved simply by clicking the checkbox next to the name at which point the ribbon shows with the "Upload Solution" option. Not overly intuitive...but it works. Aside from this, the rest was pretty much plain sailing.

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