Monday, February 27, 2012

Manually uninstalling CRM 2011

I encountered a situation where CRM 2011 did not uninstall cleanly which left the server in a state of limbo i.e. you could not re-install CRM as the setup process detected that CRM was still installed and prevented re-installation, but the CRM program was also absent from the Add/Remove Programs and therefore you could not re-run the uninstaller.

I also encountered this situation with CRM 4.0 but in that case there is a published KB article describing how to go about uninstalling the application manually. I could not find an equivalent CRM 2011 KB article so - given the lack of options - I decided to follow the instructions outlined in the 4.0 KB article.

The end result was that I managed to uninstall the application following these guidelines but I had to substitute some pieces of this process as outlined below. Please note that this is not an official guideline from Microsoft so you will need to assume the risk in following these steps.

In short, you need to walk through the steps in the following KB article:

However in Step #7:

  • Replace references of 059DD8CB00184F24E99A62CF4D6109FA with 55D425C090410500DBE735E02565E025 (points 2-11).

  • Replace references of {BC8DD950-8100-42F4-9EA9-26FCD41690AF} with {0C524D55-1409-0050-BD7E-530E52560E52} (points 21-22).


  1. These steps are before from step 7?

  2. No. Just replace the references in the points noted above to use the GUID above rather than the GUID that's in the article.

    Section 7, points 2-11: Replace references of 059DD8CB00184F24E99A62CF4D6109FA with 55D425C090410500DBE735E02565E025.

    Section 7, points 21-22: Replace references of {BC8DD950-8100-42F4-9EA9-26FCD41690AF} with {0C524D55-1409-0050-BD7E-530E52560E52}.

  3. Great post. I was having issues getting my CRM 2011 deployment uninstalled. I received an error regarding the FIPS Algorithm, and had to cancel out of the deployment. Then, I ran Windows Update, which pulled CRM Rollup 6. I then tried to re-run setup (as instructed by some other blog), but was told I couldn't because of a previous upgrdae that was higher than my CRM installer. It was all jumbled...

    I found the KB article you mentioned, but the GUIDs didnt map. Thanks so much for providing this mapping -- This is bookmarked!

  4. Glad it helped and thanks for the feedback

  5. You saved me a day. Thank you so much!

  6. For 2013 those GUIDs are
    55D425C090410600DBE735E02565E025 - CRM 2013
    {0C524D55-1409-0060-BD7E-530E52560E52} - CRM 2013 uninstall key name