Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CRM 2011: Sub-grid display label not showing

I was attempting to add a sub-grid to a form but for some reason the display label was not showing even though it was set to show and was displaying in the designer view.

This definitely seems like a bug to me. However with a little bit of research I discovered a workaround solution. Basically if you change the View Selector from the "Off" option to either "Show All" or "Show Selected Views" the name will subsequently show up above the grid section.

This is not an ideal solution as you often do not want to show the View Selector for an embedded sub-grid and from a design perspective, it probably should display the way that it appears in the Designer (i.e. with the title to the left of the grid). But for the time being, this solution will have to do.


  1. Well spotted!
    Alternative that still takes up some space but maybe looks less cluttered is to make sure you have a section for just that grid, and show the section name.
    Looking at your screenshot that might mean you need to use a two-column tab to contain two sections side by side.
    I also find that quite often a grid works well within a tab, and keeping the tab collapsed by default means it loads the form more quickly, as the grid is not populated until the tab is expanded.

  2. That is correct - you could place it within a section and name the section - that's often a good solution especially if your grid occupies the breadth of the form. And you correctly observed that in my case I only wanted the grid to occupy one and not two columns which means that I also could have use a two-column tab - but of course that comes at the "expense" of having that tab appear as a form navigation element - something that might not be desirable (and in the example I provided it wasn't). Also good point on the performance bit - something definitely to keep in mind. Thanks.