Thursday, May 19, 2011

CRM 2011 IFD Setup

Setting up an Internet Facing Deployment in CRM 2011 is very different from it's predecessor. CRM 2011 uses ADFS to enable the IFD access.

Microsoft has an article with links to white papers and a video for setting this up.It should be pointed out though that the above article originally linked to the following video for configuring IFD:

At around the end of April, another video was linked to the article:

The reason I mention this is because I think both videos are helpful. The original video is more useful if you are deploying ADFS on the same server as where you have CRM installed. Whereas the second is better if you are deploying ADFS on a separate server.

For example, when deploying ADFS on the same server as you have deployed CRM, you will only require a single Relying Party Trust (assuming a single domain), Whereas the second video will walk you through setting up two relying party trusts which can perhaps be confusing.

Just my 2 cents.

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