Thursday, January 23, 2014

Error running a report via Outlook Client

Update from Microsoft (3/25/14):

          The issue appears to be fixed:
I received confirmation that the team has processed a change with the NLB system used by CRM Online. As a result, this incident with receiving script errors when running reports from your CRM Online organization should now be resolved.

Update from Microsoft (2/20/14):

After working with my team further, we were able to reproduce this problem internally (not using CRM Online). The problem is specific to a setting on the load balancers used by CRM Online. As such, it appears that this will affect Office365 based organizations (which to be honest makes more sense now). The setting on the load balancers was something recently applied in the move to CRM 2013, however our internal teams are getting approval to undo that change which should resolve this problem. They gave me an approximate 2 week timeframe to get proper approval and undo that change. We’re currently about 1 week through that, so we should be close to having this problem fully resolved.

Update from Microsoft (1/31/14):

The core problem is still being investigated, however a “workaround” was discovered that ties in with the new ‘Process Isolation’ feature of the CRM Client for Outlook. There is a registry key that can be applied on client systems to disable the feature. Testing on our side so far looks promising as the script errors on reports have ceased after disabling the feature. This is by no means a solution to the problem and our teams are still actively investigating. If you wish to test this, I’ve included the registry key below to implement on a client. If you confirm it also works from your side, we can discuss pros/cons of this workaround and if it’s feasible for your organizations.
Key Path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSCRMClientKey (DWORD): UseWebFormProcessIsolationValue: 0

In one of our CRM 2013 online instances we are receiving errors whenever trying to run a report from the Outlook client. The error looks something like in the examples below (errors occur one after the other).

This does not happen when running reports via a browser so clearly some kind of platform issue. It is somewhat sporadic too and seems to be related to browser cache. So it might go away and then come back at a later point in time. For example, one solution I tried was to delete/recreate the report as I figured that it was perhaps due to some upgrade issue from 2011. This solved the issue for a while but then it returned.

And this was confirmed by Microsoft who are currently troubleshooting the issue. The following is the current guidance provided by Microsoft:

Per our phone conversation, this issue with running reports in the CRM Client for Outlook against a CRM Online 2013 organization on our CTP authentication platform is currently a known issue that has recently been brought to our attention. We are actively investigating this problem and I’ll keep you posted as I know more. Currently, we believe this may be a server side setting – but the investigation has not yet yielded the exact cause of the problem. Unfortunately there is no workaround for the web client other than using the CRM Web Client (i.e. Internet Explorer).


  1. Has there been any update from Microsoft on this issue?

  2. Yes just updated. Still waiting...

  3. Hi Nahi,
    Did you get any further update from Microsoft on this? One of my users having same problem. It's strange that only one user from 190 is having this problem.

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  4. Hi Nahi, did you get any update on this from Microsoft?