Monday, March 4, 2013

Views and Filters Toolkit for CRM Online

While on the subject of CRM Online compatibility - below is a link to the CRM Online compatible version for the "Views and Filters Toolkit" workflow plugin - another exceedingly useful utility. The one currently uploaded in CodePlex fails import into the CRM online environment.

Though there are many conceivable uses for this utility, I find that the ability to update the Offline and Outlook Filters without having to resort to programmatic techniques is perhaps the most useful. A simple way to centralize the maintenance of these download rules has long been a feature missing in the Dynamics CRM product and this utility surmounts this oversight.

Another shout out to Wayne Wittman for his conversion efforts (not to mention the efforts of Alberto Gemin who first published this utility).

As a related aside... another useful utility - namely the CRM 2011 Workflow Utilities - has also recently been updated in its CodePlex location with a CRM 2011 Online compatible version.


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