Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cannot sign in to CRM Online: LiveDevice.xml

Ok. I have stumbled on this too many times. Each time I think I'll remember for the next time and then, lo and behold, I spend time scratching my head trying to figure out what the issue is. So it's time I wrote it down - if nothing else for my own sake as a reference post (hopefully I'll remember that I wrote up this post!).

What am I talking about?

Trying to connect to CRM Online. It happens on occasion that I am denied access to CRM Online when trying to connect from a 3rd party application when I'm certain that my credentials are correct. For example, below is what happens when trying to connect using the Visual Ribbon Editor tool.

Usually I spend time thinking that maybe my URL is incorrect. Maybe I should have left off the http/https. Maybe I should use the Organization Unique Name (appearing under Developer Resources in CRM) instead of the "friendly name" in front of the etc. etc.

The solution of course is simply to delete the LiveDevice.xml file from under the Root\Users\<user>\LiveDeviceID folder and then to try and sign in again... Voila!

Perhaps now I'll remember for next time? Let's hope so...

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