Monday, June 4, 2012

Embedding Reports in a Navigation Link

Now that we've explored how context sensivity can be added into a form Navigation Link, we can devise yet another approach for embedding reports into a CRM form and this time - you guessed it - via the form Navigation Links.

The first thing you'll need to do is of course create your report. As we're going to integrate this with the CRM form, you may want to have the report have a similar look and feel to CRM's native look and feel. Once you're happy with your report obtain the report GUID.

The next thing you'll need to is create an html web resource to contain the report.

Unlike the web resource that is used for embedding reports within an I-Frame, we need to update this report and supply the GUID for the report that you wish to integrate (copied from above) i.e. you'll need to modify the following:
var reportId = "ReportGuid";
Subsequently, once you have created the web resource, add it to the form and publish:
The result should be something that looks like the following:

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