Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Error on page" redux

Recently I encountered this troublesome error yet again. And once again it proved to be the type of error that makes one wonder if perhaps the time has come to pursue another career... if you know what I mean.

The symptoms were as follows:

  • When navigating to an account, contact, etc. via the standard CRM UI navigation, everything worked fine.
  • When navigating via drill down from any CRM report (that adheres to the standard SDK report writing standard), the "Error on page" would show up. Other than the message everything loaded fine but of course, when the form was closed you would receive the standard "Send us the error report and have no fear that someone will indeed be reviewing, analyzing and making sure this gets resolveds asap back at Microsoft HQ"... or something like that.

When clicking on the "View the data that will be sent to Microsoft", the following is what appeared.


I should also mention that this occured on forms without any jscript libraries present (active or non-active). At some point, I even tried creating a completely vanilla CRM installation on the server and the error persisted even in that environment!

I first received this error with rollup 7 installed on the server, so I uninstalled that but the error persisted. Eventually I installed rollup 8 and magically this error went away. I am not sure if update rollup 8 truly resolved this issue, whether it coincided with another server reboot that somehow cleaned up whatever was polluting the environment, or whether the stars were once again aligned for me. But whatever it was I think it salvaged my dwindling supply of hair.

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