Wednesday, July 13, 2011

There are still open activities associated with this case...

Another one for the penny series...

CRM prevents cases from being closed as long as their are open activities against the case. If you attempt to close the case when there are open activities you will be presented with an error message as shown below:

Ok. So I can understand that you may want to warn the user of such an event before allowing the case to be closed... But forcing the user to close all activities prior to closing is perhaps going a little too far.

This is especially exacerbating when dealing with "unexpected" activities. For example, if an email notification fails to get sent for whatever reason, it will sit in the open activities with a status of Failed. And you guessed it - if a user tries to close this case they will be prevented from doing so. So even if I could accept a blanket requirement that open activities need to be closed before being able to close the case, I'd really have to draw the line to suggest that somehow a Failed email message is considered to be "open"...

Unfortunately this issue has not been addressed in CRM 2011 either.

The good news is that there is a solution to such a predicament. The following link has a good write up of this issue and even better - there is a plugin that can be downloaded that will resolve it altogether. Great job!

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