Monday, March 12, 2012

IFD Sign In Prompt for Dynamic Excel Exports

If you have set up IFD (internet facing deployment) within your organization and you attempt to export to a dynamic worksheet, you may be presented with the IFD Sign In prompt (see screenshot) presented in the CRM spreadsheet rather than having your data auto export to Excel.

If this happens, first try and navigate to the Data tab in Excel and click the "Refresh from CRM" icon. If that doesn't work, try with the "Refresh All" option.

If this still doesn't work, then do as follows:

  • On the Data tab click Connections to open the "Workbook Connections" window
  • Click Properties
  • Click the Definition tab
  • Click "Edit Query"
  • Enter your credentials

After authenticating do as follows:

  • Click Ok on the Error window (after entering credentials)
  • Click Cancel on the Edit Web Query window
  • Click Ok on the "Connection Properties" window
  • Click Close on the "Workbook Connections" window

After having performed these steps, try to refresh once again first using the "Refresh from CRM" icon and if that doesn't work, click "Refresh All" and your data should appear.

I am not currently aware of a permanent solution for this issue.

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